Wed, 29 February 2012

I’ve created a little shopping list iPhone app for myself. It’s called B-list. The B stands for Minimalist.

These were my requirements:

  • I want to type the item names. I’ve become pretty good at typing on my iPhone now. I don’t want to select categories, aisles or departments or scroll through long lists to select the items that I need. I’ll type.
  • I want to add notes to some items. For example: I want to specify that I need 2 pieces of an item. But I don’t want to play with sliders, steppers or rotating wheels to select numbers and weights and volumes for each item. Just let me enter a few characters of text. It’s faster.
  • I want to manually sort the items. I always go to the same stores and I know where everything is. When I make the list, I sort the items in the right order so I can shop as quickly as possible. Here’s a confession: I don’t like to shop. Simply sorting the items is fine. Don’t make me sort thing into aisles or departments. I think that’s a waste of time.
  • Two more things: I want to be able to print the list via AirPrint and I want to be able to send and receive lists by email from other B-list users (wife, kids, …).

B-list does these things for me now. Maybe you’ll find it useful too. Check it out.

B-list screenshot

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