Fri, 10 September 2010

A few days ago, I’ve set up a small survey for recent Impression customers to help me get an idea of how they would like to use Impression 2.0, the next major release of the watermark plug-in for iPhoto and Aperture that I’ve started working on.

The survey only had one question: “Impression currently stores the watermarked photos within iPhoto or Aperture. What’s your opinion on that?”

There were three possible answers:

  • Import
    I like the current workflow. I keep my watermarked photos in iPhoto or Aperture and export them from there when needed, using iPhoto’s or Aperture’s built-in export tools.

  • Import small
    I like the current workflow. I store my watermarked photos in iPhoto or Aperture because I might need them again later, but I would prefer to store them in the file format that I need, e.g. in JPEG format at 50% of the original image size.

  • Export
    I mainly add watermarks to photos that I publish on my website or that I send to my customers. I don’t want to store watermarked photos in iPhoto or Aperture. I would prefer to always directly export my watermarked photos to the location (folder) of my choice and in my preferred format.

There was also a fourth option where you could enter your own answer. Almost everyone who has used this field instead of one of the above wants to have both Import and Export, so I’ve put these answers in the Both category.

114 people have responded. These are the results:

It’s clear that a vast majority of the users who have responded want to have an Export feature. At the same time, especially in Aperture, almost half of the users are either happy with the current Import workflow or at least want to have that feature available next to an Export feature.

Conclusion: Impression 2.0 should have both features.

Thanks to everyone who has responded!

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