Thu, 19 August 2010

One of the downsides of having a universal app in the App Store is that it’s difficult to know what percentage of users use it on an iPhone or on an iPad. That is, without having the app phone home, something that I’m not doing in Impression. The app’s About window contains a link to though, so to get an idea of what devices the users are running the app on, I analyzed my webserver’s log files for August and counted the number of hits from each device. Admittedly not a very scientific analysis, it gave me a ballpark estimate of what devices people are using and what version is installed.

Knowing that there are more than ten times as many iPhone devices sold to date, it’s surprising that the iPad represents almost 50% of the total number of hits. Also interesting: 80% of iPhones are running iOS 4, which brings the total to only 11% of users who are still on 3.1.3 (the required minimum for my app).

pie charts

For a small developer shop, it’s very hard to support every version of a fast-moving OS. There’s obviously the high cost of having to buy several iPhones to be able to test on different iOS releases, but even more important is the time that is required to test all those different versions. This data tells me that I probably shouldn’t worry too much about not supporting 3.1.3 anymore in a coming update.

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