Fri, 26 March 2010

UPDATE: This problem is fixed in Aperture 3.0.2.

There is a bug in Aperture 3 that affects Aperture2Twitter and many other 3rd party Export plug-ins. Impression for Aperture still works fine because that’s an Edit plug-in.

This is the problem: Aperture 3 seems to completely ignore the export format that is selected in the plug-in window. Instead, the photo is exported using the last export preset that was used in Aperture’s standard Version export window.

Specifically for Aperture2Twitter this may mean that, even though you’ve selected JPG or PNG as your export format, the plug-in might actually try to export your photo(s) as PSD or TIFF. As these file formats are not accepted by TwitPic or Mobypicture, your photo upload to those services will fail. By design, your tweet also won’t be sent because the plug-in always checks if the photo upload was successful first.

The bad news is that, until Apple fixes this bug in Aperture 3, there is no way I can fix this problem in Aperture2Twitter. The good news is that there is a workaround, albeit an ugly one. If you want to use Aperture2Twitter or another Export plugin, you’ll have to set the export format in Aperture’s standard Version Export window first.

  1. Select File > Export > Version from the menu bar
  2. Next to Export Preset, select the preset that you’d like to use (this should be JPG or PNG)
  3. Cancel out of the Export window
  4. Select File > Export > Aperture2Twitter

You can now continue using Aperture2Twitter. The preset that you’ve selected in step 2 will be used. If you’re using the unregistered trial version of the plug-in, there is no need to go through these steps, but you’ll need to install the latest version. This new version of the plug-in also fixes a few other problems, one of them a 64-bit related crash. You can download it here.

I’ll update this post when Apple fixes the problem or when someone comes up with a better workaround.

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