Thu, 22 October 2009

Impression 1.1 for iPhoto and for Aperture is out. It adds three new features that are often requested by customers.

Resize — For quality-reasons, the scaling only goes one way: down. The watermark can now be made smaller than the original source. Scaling up small watermarks would drastically decrease their quality. One way to handle this one-way scaling would be to create your watermark files for the largest photos that you make and then scale them down for smaller photos. Impression supports watermark files of up to 30 megapixels, so that should work for even the most demanding photographers. (take into account though that larger files will slow down the plugin and use more memory, so don’t just go creating 30 megapixel watermark files if you’re only using your iPhone)

New buttons

Center — The watermark can now be placed in the center of the photo. I guess this one is for the stock photographers among us.

Export — Optionally, you can export the watermarked photos instead of importing them into iPhoto or Aperture. I think that storing all your photos in iPhoto or Aperture is still the best way to go. But I also understand that some people want to export their photos to upload them to a web service or for sending them to a customer and then store them in a different location. For that reason, Impression can now export its watermarked photos to a location of your choice. Just hold down the Option key and you’ll see that the Save button changes into an Export button.

The new version is a free update for existing customers. Download here: for iPhotofor Aperture.

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