Thu, 10 September 2009

Soon after the release of Impression for iPhoto, I started getting several emails from people who asked me about a similar plugin for Aperture. Aperture already has a watermark feature, so why would anyone want to use a plugin for that? I’ve released Impression for Aperture today, which means that I’ve found several reasons. These are the most important ones.

Aperture’s watermark feature is implemented as an export option. Impression is an Edit-plugin. You probably use Aperture because it makes it so easy to keep all of your photos in one application, right? That’s Aperture’s main strength. That’s why I use it. Then wouldn’t it make sense to also store your watermarked photos in Aperture? Impression makes that easy because it automatically stores the edited images in Aperture, stacked with the original RAW file(s).

Aperture uses image files to create watermarks. Not everyone has an image editor like Photoshop, and Mac OS X doesn’t include a free image editor. So in order to create a simple watermark, even if it’s only text, you’ll need to install an image editor or find someone who can make the watermark file for you. Impression can create watermarks from a simple text file. That will save you time and money.

The way that watermarks are added to photos in Aperture doesn’t let you see the result before you have actually exported it. With Impression, you get a live preview of the photo while you adjust the settings. You can easily move the watermark further away from the edge of the photo, adjust its opacity or flip it from horizontal to vertical. This is also way more fun than trying to find your exported image in the Finder, opening it and having to start over because you see that it needs further adjusting.

If you’re using Aperture and you think this sounds useful, give it a try.

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